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Safety checklist whilst on holiday

When you travel to campsites you must put your safety first; this requires you to think about your caravan and to make sure that you have fulfilled all safety aspects and taken sensible precautions in order to make sure that your holiday goes without a hitch. The team at www.insurance4mycaravan.co.uk have compiled a list of safety hints and tips for you to consider:

  • Drive at walking pace - even if your caravan park or campsite doesn't state a speed limit, drive no faster than 5-10mph.
  • Know your campsite - have a walk around the campsite to get yourself familiar with where everything is - make note of anything that you may need in an emergency e.g. fire extinguishers, payphones, emergency telephone numbers etc.
  • Check campsite rules - especially if you are with children. Each campsite's rules may vary - if there is a playground then check that the equipment is safe for your children to play on as playgrounds are usually unsupervised. Educate them on the rules of the caravan campsite such as no walking on the roads. If there is a swimming pool make sure that you always supervise your children when they are in the area. Be careful of slippery surfaces and do not run as you are likely to fall.
  • Take care with electrics - proceed with caution when hooking up electrics. Follow the correct guidelines for connecting and disconnecting the supply to your caravan. Arrange your cables thoughtfully - take care to position them where people are least likely to trip over them.
  • Polarity test power abroad - before using the mains supply on European sites make sure you use a polarity tester. If the device reveals a problem, disconnect your supply immediately and seek help from the campsite owners.
  • Establish the fire drill - in case of a fire, make sure all the family know the fire drill. Find out where the nearest fire extinguisher is (you should also keep one in your caravan) and make sure you all know how to call the fire brigade.
  • Barbecue safely - when barbecuing make sure that you keep the lit barbecue away from awnings, other caravans and hedges as they are extremely flammable. Keep a bucket of water or appropriate extinguisher close by in case of an emergency.

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