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General maintenance for static caravans

During closed periods or through the winter months it is especially important to maintain your caravan. Ensure that when not in use all windows and doors are locked. Make sure that you utilise any other security devices you have on your caravan. You may want to consider fitting an alarm system to your static. As always, you may want to check your insurance policy and ensure that you comply with any security or winterisation terms.

When you are leaving your static during times of cold weather, it is important to drain down your water system to avoid frost damage. If you don't have the time, equipment or ability to do this yourself, many parks offer a winterisation service. Here is a quick guide on how to drain down your caravan to help you:

  • Turn off the gas and water supply.
  • Open the external water drainage plugs - these are located underneath your static caravan.
  • Open all your taps - release pressure and avoid stagnant water build up by leaving your sink and shower taps open / on.
  • Flush your toilet - ensure all water drains from the cistern.
  • Blow through pipes - use compressed air to blow through all your pipes to make sure all water has been removed.
  • Add salt or antifreeze - add this to any water left in the toilet/sink/shower.
  • Drain water heaters - unscrewing the drain down valve and putting a bucket below it to let the water run out. Keep the valve off until you use the water again.

If you use your caravan regularly, the full draining down procedure may not be suitable. Instead, just turn off the gas and water supplies and run the taps. This will ensure that most water has been flushed out and that adverse weather won't cause damage to your caravan.

If you use your caravan during freezing weather, it is essential that you keep your heating on continuously to protect your plumbing. Your system may have a 'frost stat' setting which you can utilise during these periods.

If you do not use your caravan for long periods during freezing weather, there are certain precautions you should take:

  • Remove curtains and soft furnishings - this protects them from damp and condensation.
  • Check air vents - ensure they are not obstructed and leave all internal doors, including wardrobes ajar to let air circulate the whole interior.
  • Clean fridges or freezers - empty, clean, defrost them and leave their doors ajar.
  • Remove food - leaving food in your static caravan may attract vermin.
  • Turn off your electricity supply.
  • Clean and check the exterior - inspect and clean your caravan, including any gutters and secure any loose items.
  • Check your caravan regularly - it is a good idea to periodically check on your caravan during long periods of absence if possible.

There are certain things you should do to maintain the exterior of your caravan during winter. Here is a handy list:

  • Inspect the exterior - pay particular attention to roof seals for any signs of cracking, reseal any that you come across.
  • Check windows and doors - inspect for leaks and reseal any cracks.
  • Oil window and door catches, hinges and locks annually.
  • Check gutters and pipes - remove any blockages.
  • Inspect for rust - if you find any use a wire brush or abrasive paper to remove, apply a primer and re-paint or protect
  • Inspect underneath of caravan for leaks.
  • Clean and grease the corner steadies annually.

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