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Taking your pet to a caravan or campsite

The team at www.insurance4mycaravan.co.uk knows that one of the joys of caravanning is that you can take your beloved pet with you and have a fun holiday together. Dogs love the outdoors and can be an excellent companion on your caravan holiday. Of course there are some things to consider when taking your dog caravanning and that is why we have produced this handy guide.

  • Choose a caravan site that accepts dogs - Most caravan site directories, published or on the Internet, will tell you this, normally indicated with a dog-like symbol alongside the site's listing. Or ask fellow caravanners with dogs where they go. If you are unsure contact the caravan site in question and ask them whether they accept dogs, and whether they have the certain rules, for example, the number of dogs you are allowed to take or if there are certain breed restrictions.
  • Choose a caravan site that is dog-friendly - Ensure that the caravan site has facilities that your dog may require. Does the site have dog-walking areas, where your pet can run free of their lead? Does the site have dedicated doggy bins? Are there suitable places to secure your dog whilst you are using the site's facilities? Does the site shop sell pet food? You can find this information out by contacting the site and asking these questions, or you can ask fellow caravanners with dogs where they would recommend.
  • Adhere to the caravan site's rules about pets - The caravan site may inform you of the rules before you go, or there may be rules published on site. If the rules are uncertain there are certain responsibilities that a pet owner should adhere to. Clean up after your dog at all times; keep your dog on a lead; only release them in dog-walking areas; and minimise the disturbance your dog causes to the site.
  • Check for extra charges for pets - For some sites, the pitch fee includes the charge already and some charge a little extra, so enquire about prices and what you get for your pitch fee.
  • Driving with your pet - When travelling with your pet there are certain measures you can take to ensure a trouble-free journey. Make sure your dog isn't free to roam around the car, as this can be a dangerous distraction whilst towing. Stop for regular breaks, they need them just as much as humans, to stretch their legs and to have a drink.
  • Settle and reassure your dog on arrival - Once you have arrived at the caravan or camp site, make sure your pet settles into an unfamiliar environment by giving them attention and fussing over them. It is up to you whether you let your dog roam your caravan or just your awning. Make sure your dog is secure overnight, whether this is through securing the awning shut or enticing him into a travel cage. In terms of feeding, try to keep your dog to their normal food regime.

Quick Tips

  • Contact the caravan site you will be visiting and inform them that you are bringing your dog, you can double-check whether this is acceptable and in doing so you may also secure a larger or more secluded pitch.
  • If the journey will be your dog's first, try taking your pet on a few short trips to familiarise them with travelling so you can assess how they will cope. If you are worried, discuss this with your vet.
  • If your dog is not microchipped, you may want to consider this, as it will help you identify and trace your dog if they get lost. This is mandatory if you are travelling abroad. If you don't want to microchip your pet, you may want to think about attaching an ID disk to your dog's collar.
  • Don't forget to pack for your pet! Make sure you remember everything your dog will need and allow for the additional space and weight these items will take up. You'll need ample food for the stay, their favourite toy, and any medication/supplements they take.
  • Ensure you have adequate pet insurance in place, this covers for unexpected vet's fees and third party liability so is very reassuring to have when you take your pet on holiday. For a great range of pet insurance cover options visit www.eandl.co.uk/pet or for great value multi-pet and Lifetime cover visit www.pet-insurance.co.uk/pet

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