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Guide to buying your first caravan

First of all, welcome to a world of fun, excitement and adventure. Caravans bring you and your family a completely different style of holiday - it can be as peaceful and quiet or as fun and adventurous as you wish.

The marketplace is full of fantastic knowledgeable people to assist you in buying your first caravan from caravan magazines, shows and dealerships to the abundance of information available online. There is so much to consider that we thought it might be helpful to create a concise list of some of the main things to consider.

Things to consider when purchasing your caravan:

  • Type of caravan - touring caravan, static caravan or motorhome.
  • How many berths - how many people will you need to sleep in the caravan?
  • New or Used caravan? - whilst used caravans are cheaper you tend to only get a warranty cover with brand new caravans.
  • Choose the make and model - remember that the make of caravan may affect important issues such as insurance. For instance some insurers may not provide cover for caravans which are of European specification.
  • Towing weight for your vehicle - your car or vehicle will only be able to tow up to a certain legal weight, exceeding the maximum towing allowance is dangerous and of course illegal.
  • Driving license weight limits - When did you pass your driving test? If you passed your test after 1997 then you may need to sit an additional test allowing you to tow a heavier caravan - it is advisable to check with the DVLA.
  • Learn the details of your caravan - Just as when you are buying a car, it is shrewd to make sure that the dealer or seller has run through every little bit of information with you regarding the caravan.
  • ASK QUESTIONS! Ask lots of questions to any caravan specialist, seller or dealer - it is always best to know all the facts before making the purchase.

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