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Caravan and campsite etiquette

As a new caravanner you should be aware of some common unwritten rules which will make you a pleasant and courteous caravanner - most are just common sense, afterall you are in a shared space with very thin walls:

  • Do not walk across anyone else's pitch - it is considered an intrusion of privacy.
  • If your pet is with you - keep them under control. Under no circumstances let them run free around the caravan park.
  • When using an awning lift the ground sheet occasionally so that the grass underneath can 'breathe'.
  • If you and children want to play noisy games, e.g. ball games, make sure you do this away from all the caravans and use any dedicated areas if available.
  • Do not litter - put all of your rubbish in the bin - campsites will have large bins for you to use and make sure that you utilise this facility.
  • Only use the washing sinks in the laundry and washing up area do not ever use the sinks in the toilet block to wash up.
  • Keep the noise level to a minimum - even if you want to stay up late having a few drinks and playing games, your neighbours may be trying to get an early night - be considerate.
  • Always make sure you adhere to any local caravan and campsite rules, for example some family sites have earlier curfews in family fields or restrictions on group sizes.

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